new york state of mind

70 degrees in January?? 
sure, why not!?!
you gotta love some Charleston weather
if i didn't know any better id swear this town is bipolar
tuesday was cold and rainy; yesterday, totally gorg! and then today the high is 50!
i am in no way complaining, i just find it kind of comical
since layers weren't really a necessity, i dressed for comfort and cuteness

i am not a yankees fan per say, but i am a yankee!!  
don't let my name fool ya, now
so instead of makin' em guess, i just thought i'd throw on a big flashing sign!! 
Yankee ova heeeya!!  Yankee ova heeeya!!
yup, i moved down here and i ain't movin' back!
blame it on your hot sandy beaches and sweet southern drawls
Tara Belle
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