hot pink chunkiness

we finally got ourselves some chilly weather, and i could not be more excited to bust out some winter knits!
i love this bundle of hot pink cable knit chunkiness!
(so much so, i have it in ivory as well)
i was gonna wear skinnies, but they didn't go with my comfy vibe so i threw on my fave bf jeans instead
they're only slightly slouchy (mostly in the waist and bum area) and they've got that worn in sweatpants feel
the hubs says they're less than flattering, but they're heaven to wear, so i really don't care!
it's funny how men view fashion versus women (at least my man)
he thinks tight/fitted/sexy is the way to go
i think messy/slouchy/grungy/sporty/layers is what's up
totally opposite opinions (soo not shocking, as we are pretty much polar opposites in life as well)
i think as women, we tend put more weight on what is "in style" over what looks flattering
speaking for myself, i don't care who's looking, or who likes it
and i'm definitely not trying to attract male attention (i already snagged the man of my dreams)
 this freedom of the mind and spirit gives me the liberty to dress for me, and only me!!
"real style is never right or wrong. it's a matter of being yourself, on purpose"
Tara Belle
 fireside cable kint sweater Forever21, dylan boyfriend jeans Lucky Brand similar here, westii leopard platform wedge Steve Madden similar here and here, cross body H&M (old), beanie (borrowed from the hubs)similar here, sunburst button earrings House of Harlow, watch Michael Kors, herringbone scarf Target, ceramic mug Alice + Olivia for Starbucks