happy almost friday guys!!!  tonight's post is definitely way more personal than your average for me.  not because i'm divulging any deep dark secrets or anything, i'm just actually in my natural habitat without the crutch of my sunglasses to hide behind.  it's kindof scary, i'm not gonna lie, but here goes nothing.  welcome to my bathroom!!  i think it's safe to say this is the most used room of our house.  i'm sure most people spend all their time in the kitchen, but i just started cooking last week, so it's barely been broken in.  and sure, the living room gets its fair share of tv time, but nothing compares to the endless hours i've spent in this bathroom.  obviously i use the bathroom in here, duh,  and i shower and i get dressed in here.  and i bathe the boys in here and i charge my phone and i dissect my face and i paint my nails and i stare at myself in the mirror for hours upon hours . . . . i'm very vein. i do laundry in here, i hide from the kids in here (clearly they've caught on to that game)  so needless to say, this bathroom is my solace.  i would love to say that i light candles and take a bubble bath and decompress from life, but that's never happened in here.  i've never even sat in the tub.  not once.  we just live a lot of life in this tiny little bathroom.  all this house, with a million games and toys and all they want to do is be with me in this teeny tiny bathroom. . . . i can't say i'm mad about it.  

sorry for the rambling, let's get on with it, shall we??  the real reason i'm in the bathroom tonight is because Clarins thought my face could use a little TLC.  and they were totally right!  i have had super sensitive, super dry skin since i was a kid.  and on top of that, i'm a full blown freckle face with a small batch of rosacea, so you can imagine, it doesn't make for an awesome combo.  when it comes to skincare, i'm forever on the struggle bus, but lotion is always my top priority!!  and you know the drill; this one leaves your skin feeling greasy, this one doesn't moisturize enough, this one feels balmy and makes my makeup smear.  i even had one lotion, that would ball up when i went to apply my foundation.  it was disgusting.  shopping for lotion is honesty my worst nightmare because i'm never quite satisfied, but my face has finally met it's match!!  in all seriousness, yes, i was gifted these items, but, regardless, they're amazing and i will totally be buying more because my skin has never been happier.  i don't know where serum has been all my life, but i am hooked!!!  that stuff is the bomb!  and it practically preps my face for the lotion.  i mean, i'm sure that's what it's supposed to do, but it actually works.  i feel refreshed and hydrated at the same time.  and no slime to have my makeup falling down my chin by lunch.  (that's legit happened)  so, on top of me just loving it, it's actually crazy beneficial for your skin.  this is only something that i just started caring about in my thirties.  of course, had i known i would be wearing this face for the rest of my life, i probably would've started caring about it sooner, but my icon is joan rivers, so i just always kinda thought i could trade this face in once i got sick of it.  sadly, i don't have her kind of money, so i'm stuck with this one.

stay hydrated my friends!!


CLARINS hydra-essential bi-phase serum c/o
CLARINS hydra-essential silky cream c/o