mav and me

when you shoot an outfit and then totally forget about it until months later . . . yea, that about sums this look up.  on the plus side for you guys, everything is on sale!!  i don't know if i've ever explained to you my love of overalls, but they're kind of one of my favorite things.  this was my third pair (check out how i styled my white and denim) and i just got a second black pair this week, so you'll be seeing those soon on the blog as well.  maybe it's just because i'm desperately clinging to my youth, but i just think you can't not smile when you're wearing overalls.  well, apparently i can, but i'm a pro at giving dead face by now.  and this time was especially hard, because mavster kept stealing the show and everything he does makes me laugh.  try to spot him hiding in the corner of the stairwell!!  enjoy your day!!