the votes have been tallied and it's officially happening . . . . . greenery is in!! (y'all didn't really think i was gonna get all political, did you?) let's be honest, olive has always been in, but thank you so much, Pantone, for giving it your stamp of approval!  also, giving this sweatshirt 2 (green) thumbs up, is the hubs.  he could not be more enthused that i'm adding more camouflage to the collection.  of course, this doesn't exactly help my argument to the the fact that "realtree" is not a fashion statement you should ever make outside of the deer stand, but at least he cares enough to embarrass me and wear it downtown to all my fancy fashion events.  this camo print, however, is perfectly appropriate and oh so comfy!!!  i wore it all day traveling yesterday and then just slept in it because i really didn't wanna take it off.  it wasn't until our new puppy peed on me this morning that forced me to finally change into something a little less cozy, but you better believe i already threw it in the wash and plan on wearing it again before the week is out.  olive is a neutral as far as i'm concerned, and camouflage is basically this years leopard (not that leopard is going anywhere) so you can pretty much pair it with anything, but shocker!!  i went with my 2 faves, denim and leather.  leather, because, why not?, and denim, because a jean jacket is the ultimate topper, duh!  as if i really needed to explain my choices to you.  so, in the words of my oh so clever gf, "why stand out when you were born to blend in" ;)

AMERICAN EAGLE camouflage crew sweatshirt c/o