the prince and his plants

boo for Monday!  but yay for the fact that I actually got a post live according to plan!!!  the flu has officially taken over my house, and one by one, we have all been infected.  sounds fun, right?  well, its not great, but with the boys snuggled in bed, it has allowed me a few moments of silence to get some work done.  im very hopeful that one day I will be able to show you a fully finished home tour, but for now, we'll just have to settle for our half-done reno and at least give you a little glimpse into where were headed.  the master bedroom is my sanctuary!  and definitely where we spend most of our time.  in our old houses, we always had nurseries for the boys, but we never ended up using them, so this time around, we didn't even bother.  we are one of those weird crunchy families that believes in the family bed, so all of our boys sleep in here with us, including baby mav, who has his own little corner to keep him close by for those 2 am feedings!  and by the size of him, you know he's not missing out on too many of those.  ok, so i literally had Jeremy hanging shelves moments before these pictures were taken, but I love this cozy corner and it has everything i need to get my mom job done.  this massive recliner was waiting for us when we got home from the hospital because my in-laws are the best and knew i would need a comfy chair for the sleepless nights ahead, and im not gonna lie, i pretty much slept in it for the first month.  what i also live in most days??  pajamas!!  sorry to disappoint you guys, but i spend a lot of my time in a robe or jammies, or in this case, both!  its easily 2pm most days before i have the chance to shower, but in a pretty matched set, at least i'm decent enough to answer the door for the delivery man!  my favorite accessory in our "mock-nursery" are these python chucks.  i still have yet to decide if i will actually let him wear these or just keep them on display for all eternity.  the newest additions to our home are exotic angel house plants!  i am usually a fresh flowers only kinda girl, because i tend to kill everything, so i was pretty hesitant to bring these guys into my home and yes, i realize you are supposed to put them in a pretty pot of your own, but i was pretty sure they would be dead by now, so i didn't feel the need to invest.  i am very proud to report that both plants are not only still alive, but thriving!  snow white is my favorite, her purple leaves add a pretty pop to our bland d├ęcor, and fittonia is keeping ms rivers company with her red veins.  i'm thinking of adding a few of the bigger guys to the rest of our house, and just because instagram has created a succulent craze, i might need one or two just so i can be like the cool kids ;)
"what you plant now, you will harvest later" 


pajama set and robe c/o Belabumbum
exotic angel house plants c/o Costa Farms
sneaks c/o Taxidermy