shades of grey

oh crap, is it already tuesday?? i guess i should really give up on my monday posts, because they never seem to happen, but c'est la vie, what can you do?  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  it has been crazy stupid hot here; im talking, almost too hot for the pool hot!! (almost!)  I did make it out a time or two, but only to soak in the shade for fear of frying my ghostly white skin.  (don't let this tan fool you ladies, I am crispier than casper.  I get my tan from a bottle and even then im barely in the normal to pale category.)  since keeping a tan requires maintenance, I spend a lot of time in jeans on my in between days.  if you spray tan, you know what im talking about.  its those days where the tan starts to rub off and you require a good exfoliation and full day of healing before reapplying.  so for those days I wear white.  because it's the only color that's lighter than me ;)  honestly though, I have been living in all white everything lately!  I can't get enough and when i'm not wearing white its blush, grey or chambray and a bit of black.  pretty much a muted palate, which is somewhat out of character for me and definitely not ideal for a mom of 3 boys, but hey, what's 1 more pile of laundry?  since im always on the go, I need easy items that wash and wear and allow easy access to the goods.  mav is a manchild and he needs to eat every 2 hours or you'd swear a rabid beast has taken over his body and there's no pacifying him until milk is served!  for this reason, I always have a muslin blanket on hand, or this shawl!!  because of the heat, traditional blankets are out of the question and those nursing cover cape things are too hideous and way too obvious.  I prefer a more subtle chic approach to nursing and no one ever even notices.  this poncho, shawl, wrap, whatever you want to call it, has come in handy time and again.  ive used it as a blanket and nursing cover or just worn it as a wrap on the rare occasion I don't have a starving child in my arms.  I love the snaps so you don't have to worry about it falling off when you are nursing and then my favorite way to wear it is slung over my shoulders in a haphazard sort of way.  why have I never owned a shawl before??  i feel like such a grown up!!  and yes, i realize i'm thirty, but adulthood is just a frame of mind, and my mind is barely pushing 12.  have a great day ladies!!
 "when something goes wrong in life, just yell 'plot twist' and move on"

nursing cape c/o Seraphine Maternity // tank styleXchange // worth skinny Lilly Pulitzer c/o Belk //
sandals Madden Girl // gleaming moment bangle c/o Alex & Ani //
reflector bangle House of Harlow via Rocksbox [use code TARAXOXO2 to receive your first month FREE] //