talk derby to me

it's Friday and I'm in love!! . . . ok, well not really, but I am in love with everything about today's look!  starting with the fact that it gave me an excuse to unleash my inner glamour girl and embrace the drama that is the derby.  yes, I know, the big race has come and gone, (sorry, i'm a little behind on my posts) but Charleston is chalk full of events where this look is more than fitting.  starting with this gorgeous maxi, I mean, when I hear Mara Hoffman, it's basically fashion foreplay.  this chick kills it from ready to wear to the beach, and i'm pretty sure i'm obsessed with Every.Single.Thing!!!!!  luckily for me, The Finicky Filly always has the best of her latest collection on hand to give me a fix!  i knew my baby blue lace-ups would match perfectly, so i fully committed to the blue theme and accessorized with these fabulous tassels, agate stone ring and bracelets from one of my local faves Peyton William.  and totally not on purpose, my nails just so happened to already be painted blue (happy coincidence?) with so much blue, it needed a little pop and i'm always looking for an excuse to wear one of GARB designs clutch bags, so this pink number gave me the color i was looking for.  and as if all of this was not dramatic enough, i topped it off with the most perfect floppy hat that i ever did see!!  but seriously though, its perfection!  and i have basically worn it every day, because, why wouldn't i?  a special thanks to Goorin Bros. for opening my eyes to your amazing shop.  walking in, it is nothing but wall to wall hats of every shape and size and the best part?  you can totally customize your hat to your liking!  since i'm not hitting up the race track every weekend, i wanted something a little less formal and more summer friendly, which is how i came to discover "macey".  she comes with a brown band, but after a little stop at the styling department, i was able to jazz her up with this silk black band, fancy feather and brass pin.  She was looking pretty fierce for a floppy.  i hope you all have a lovely weekend!!  and yes, i realize i dropped a lot more names than usual in this post, but sometimes i like to brag about this pretty city of mine!!  our local talent is pretty legit ;)

"the whole shadow of a man is only as big as his hat"

dress Mara Hoffman c/o Finicky Filly // hat c/o Goorin Bros. // jewels c/o Peyton William //
clutch c/o Garb Designs // lace up raceyyy heels Madden Girl