field of dreams

ok ladies, do i have a story for you!!  i pushed off this maternity shoot for weeks after deciding i really didn't want any true maternity style photos and truly because i was just too tired and i didn't feel like it.  but at 42 weeks, Marie (that's my crazy talented photographer) and i decided, let's just go for it, this bump won't be here for much longer.  fortunately, i had just received the most perfect maternity shoot dress ever from Nuova Vita, and after slipping it on, i was totally in the mood to snap some pics.  it is totally convertible and fitted for any bod (pregnant or not) which means i'll be styling it for many events to come!  simplistic seemed most appropriate for this look, so i kept it at just that and ties the straps at the small of my back.  now, let me tell you how i wound up in labor, in a field, on the side of the interstate.  i started this day with an ob checkup only to be disappointed that there was no movement in my nether regions and it was time to schedule an induction.  feeling bummed, i headed to starbucks to cheer myself up with a venti frapp and swung by trader joe's for some fresh flowers to brighten the house, since it seemed i would be spending the weekend on the couch waiting for my boy to arrive.  i was starting to feel uncomfortable, but i assumed it was just because i had just left the dr and if you've ever been "checked" you know it can cause some cramping, so i ignored it and headed towards Marie.  she had found the most perfect "broom straw" field (i don't think that's the proper name, but according to the hubs, that's what its called) and if i told you where it was located you wouldn't believe me, so we'll just keep some things a secret ;).  i pinned some of my fresh acquired flowers into my hair, found my light, and went to shooting.  now out this point, the uncomfortable cramping had turned into uncomfortable stabbing pain that would come and go in spurts, and of course, dummy me, played it off as gas and kept on shooting.  now, having had 2 children already, one would think i would know what contractions feel like, but apparently i was having a lapse in judgment and decided to drive the hour and a half trip home.  and within 5 minutes of pulling in the driveway, i quickly realized, these weren't 5 min apart gas pains (i know, how could i be so dense?) and we hopped back in the car to make the hour and a half drive back to Charleston to meet our little man.  for added humor, my husband had packed an "emergency kit" in case he had to deliver this baby which included a travel size, glitter filled, bubble gum scented bbw hand sanitizer, children's craft scissors, an old shoe string, and a hand towel.  clearly he was prepared (in case you can't hear it through my typing, the sarcasm is in full force).  but, no worries, we made it with plenty of time to spare and baby mav was born in a totally sterile hospital room with the proper medical tools and professionals to perform the delivery.  the outtakes from this shoot are pretty hilarious, and according to Marie, my contractions were coming about 12 minutes apart.  it definitely made this shoot our most memorable to date, and i am so glad we were able to get these pics in in time, because they might just be my absolute fave of all time!
dress c/o Nuova Vita