happy Friday!!!
I know you guys have to be so excited about this long weekend we are about to enjoy.  i have big plans of catching up on work, finishing up the bathroom reno and hopefully planting a flower or two . . . wish me luck!!  also on the agenda, is some much needed shopping!  it hurts me to say this, but this old hag is about to hit the big 3-0 next month and it has me rethinking my whole wardrobe.  I've always been a bit of a trendy gal and definitely stay more to the boho/rocker side of things (and don't worry, those vibes aren't going anywhere) but when it comes to my current wants list, I've been craving the classics.  maybe its age, maybe it motherhood, maybe i'm just too old and tired to worry about staying ahead of the trends that has me thinking neutral shades in timeless shapes that can be styled a million and 1 ways and never lose their splendor are the way to go.  my neutral palate has always been black, white and olive with pops of red or leopard (or both).  does anyone else consider olive a neutral??  i literally own 6 olive jackets!  and a couple of vests.  is that wrong?  to me, they just always seem to go well with everything and add a little edge.  today's jacket is an oldie, (check it out last summer HERE) but that's why i love a classic, you can keep on wearing them season after season and none would be the wiser!  i paired it over this stripe tee that is actually a nursing top believe it or not (check back next week to see this bad boy in action, its pretty impressive how inconspicuous it truly is) and these neoprene shorts.  all 3, CLASSICS, and totally not basic, which is usually a word i associate with classic.  these heels have quickly become my fave summer go-to sandals and i know i know, i was just complaining how I've been living in flats, but you don't see any kids around do you??  any excuse this girl can get for a little height in my life and i'll take it!  plus, the stacked heel and ankle strap really do offer a great amount of support so i might actually be able to manage kids in these heels.  my finishing touch, was not a pop of leopard, but a pop of tortoise!  and i mean, all animal prints were created equal, no?  these Raen sunnies have been my latest obsession and i'm sure you've seen them popping up all over my insta-feed.  sadly, i had to send them back, but only because they have been replaced with an equally fabulous pair that i will share with you soon!  and once I've grown tired of that pair, i can trade them in for my next pair of statement sunnies . . . . intrigued??  ok ok ok, you know i'm a bit sunglasses obsessed, so i swear this subscription was created for me, but lucky for you, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!!  Ditto is the latest and greatest in monthly scripts with their ever-expanding collection of glasses from the hottest designer brands.  head to the site for all the dirty deets and CLICK HERE to get your first month with the endless program for FREE!!
enjoy the weekend babes!!
"everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"
top c/o Boob Design // jacket H&M // shorts styleXchange // heels French Connection c/o Belk //
sunglasses Raen c/o Ditto [CLICK HERE to receive your first month FREE!]