real housewife

yesterdays pretty pastel palette has me craving more, so I decided to skip forward again and bring you my look from Charleston Fashion Week's Bridal Show.  seeing as I've already had my turn to be a bride (almost 9 years ago, how is that possible??) and I'm clearly with child, I decided to channel my inner housewife and throw it back to the 50's for a little retro chic look.  it all started with this skirt!  the moment I spotted it at Warren on King, I knew it was the perfect print for the bridal shows.  pulling it up above my bump, I had to get creative with the top and used a little fashion tape to shorten it and left the back unzipped for a little unexpected pop of skin.  sold on my look, I entertained multiple accessory ideas, but these spectacles steered me in the right direction and I had a vision of a feather duster and homemade apple pie.  I had pinned this hairstyle months ago, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try it out, so fully solidifying the 50's vibe, I went for it.  everything else sort of fell in to place with these gorgeous drop earrings and pearl antler clutch (another one of Taxidermy's spectacular creations) and honestly, it was so refreshing to completely go against my normal instincts and try something totally new.  I mean, don't expect me to go full on mad men style and start rocking an apron and pin curls everyday, but for a beautiful afternoon in Marion Square, once a year, I might make it a habit. 
 "the woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  the woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever seen before"

top and skirt Bigio Collection c/o Warren on King // antler clutch c/o Taxidermy //
spectacles c/o SEE Eyewear // "constanta" earrings c/o Moon & Lola //
bracelets and rings c/o Peyton William // heels Charlotte Russe //
lip "naked gypsy" c/o Kismet Cosmetics