LBB [little black bump]

Hip Hooray its FriYAY!!!!!
are any of you ladies headed out for a night on the town??  don't fret, im not either, lol, mommy duty calls.  I think it'll be a while before i have a true night out sans baby, but right now he makes for a pretty cute date.  and just a few weeks ago, he was a pretty sweet accessory.  I never thought I would miss this little bump of mine, but I actually really got into the whole maternity style this time around, and truly embraced the extra curves (which is a big deal for me, because im totally vein).  any other mommas struggle with this??  I mean, carrying around all that extra weight can get you down, and it definitely makes getting dressed every day a challenge, but isn't it incredible what our bodies are capable of??  so even though I love my skinny self, this big ole bump created a big ole beautiful boy and i would trade my waistline for this kid every time!
this LBD is the perfect "Friday Night Out" look.  its a little sheer, a little edgy, and totally sexy; but aren't all lbds?  why is that?  is it the black??  whatever the factor may be, a girl can never go wrong and you should always have at least 1 LBD in your arsenal.  i think simplicity is definitely a key factor to owning the look, because let's face it, the LBD was created for men.  its simple and chic and should leave a little to the imagination and that's really all men need.  save your neon pumps for girls night, think neutrals.  i actually had a simpler single strap sandal picked out, but the hubs chose these rockstuds and i'm not mad about it.  i kept my accessories pretty simple as well and pulled back my hair in a loose low pony. i suppose this belly isn't leaving much to the imagination, but after 9 years of marriage, i think the mystery is pretty dead, no?
have a fabulous Friday ladies!!!!
 "one is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress"

dress c/o Retail Therapy // clutch Shiraleah c/o Retail Therapy // heels GoJane //
cuff Kate Spade // chain link c/o Towne & Reese // watch Michael Kors //
earrings House of Harlow via Rocksbox (use code: TARAXOXO2 to receive your first month free)