mama in black

soooo, in case you missed it, this mama in heels officially became a mama of 3 over the weekend!!!!  all I have to say is FINALLY!!!!  finally finally finally!  I seriously was starting to think this kid was never going to come out, but he finally did and he is so perfect, all I want to do is stare at him all day.  which is pretty much all I've done since saturday, which is why i'm so late at getting my posts up this week.  i'm totally not one to gross you out with all the dirty details, so don't count on a "birth story" post from me, just know that I love all of you for following along with me throughout this pregnancy, and even though i technically dropped the watermelon and gained 2 cantaloupes, i will still be pregnant on the blog for a couple more weeks, so bare with me as I bang out the rest of my baby bump style!!
speaking of, today's look is all about comfort and "slimming" (I use the term loosely) layers.  yes, black on black on black should make me look like a 95 pound model, right??  well, not really, but a girl can dream.  I definitely think monochromatic layers are incredibly flattering (bump or not) and are a great way to add fabrics and textures without the bulge.  usually i'm not one for head to toe black, but all the chicest women in NY do it, and it's fun to dress outside the norm every once in a while.  seeing as i'm a graphic tee junkie, I was more than happy to add this adorable style from Oh Baby Chic to my collection and totally filled my cart with a few more styles for summer.  I layered on my vintage tuxedo blazer that has quickly become my everyday staple (previously seen HERE) and threw on my leather shorts that thanks to an elastic waist, somehow still managed to fit me.  ok, so I know the tee clearly states "mama in heels" but this mama had swollen ankles and a list the length of my arm, so heels didn't really work with the days agenda, silver pointy toe oxfords did, however fit the bill!  I layered on a few more silver accessories to pull the look together and finished it off with this ridiculously stunning python satchel (because every mom deserves a little luxe in her life)

"being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you've gained from having one"
tee c/o Oh Baby Chic // blazer Cavortress // shorts H&M // oxfords Forever 21 // "ashford" satchel c/o Taxidermy // sunnies c/o SEE Eyewear // "gramercy" studs c/o Moon & Lola // bracelets c/o Peyton William