baby loading

happy Monday babes!!
sorry I took a little hiatus last week, I full on planned to blog throughout the week, but my schedule was a little cray with all the CFW events, so it just didn't happen.  I can't wait to recap the week with you though, it was pretty MAJOR!!!!
in the mean time, Baby M is still loading, and comfort is my best friend in these last few weeks.  dresses are obviously an easy choice when the weather permits, but when the random chilly day pops up (like today's dreary forecast) it is nice to have some go to layers that feel like pjs, but are actually socially acceptable to wear to the grocery store.  Insert Preggo Leggings here!!  you guys, I have to tell you, pregnant or not, these leggings are my new best friend!!  first off, they're like crazy comfy which most leggings are, but the high waistband makes them that much better!!  no restrictions on my waistline pinching my tummy as it expands through the day, yes please!!  and, ok, im totally a firm believer that leggings are just that LEGGINGS!  meaning, they're not pants, so you need to wear a longer shirt to cover your hind quarters.  you know you've gotten stuck behind the woman rocking a pair of 2 sizes too small leggings and you can see every bit of what God gave her, including the hot pink panties she's wearing underneath, right?  but today im totally contradicting my beliefs, because this pair is actually thick enough to conceal your booty and your panties without leaving you totally exposed, so i didn't feel it totally necessary to wear a tunic top.  instead i paired it with this adorable tee to make it quite obvious that this baby is still loading!  no, random man at the grocery store, i have not been overindulging on beer(true story), thank you for asking, there is a legitimate child growing in there!  for added rocker appeal, i layered on my faux fur jacket that regardless of the heat, will most likely get plenty of play throughout the spring/summer months because i love it so much!  and lots of black accessories for added edge.  i know it's been all about the black and white lately, i promise i will try and add some color now that we've officially entered into spring. 

 "of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother"

tee and leggings c/o Preggo Leggings // fur Forever 21 // heels Charlotte Russe //
beanie Marshalls // clutch TJMaxx