back to white

good morning mamacitas!!!  the weather is warm, the week is new, it is going to be a happy happy Monday!! 
ok, so not that I ever quit wearing white, but with Spring officially starting on Friday, I feel it is totally important to bust out your white jeans in celebration!!!!!  I kinda went all out with a little white on white action today, but monochromatic dressing is suppose to be slimming, right??  perhaps not when you're smuggling a 10lb watermelon under your shirt, but it was worth a shot.  I have been so in love with black and white everything lately.  maybe its just the hormones, maybe its the instant chic appeal, but I can't get enough!!  so I paired my all white ensemble with this killer vintage tuxedo blazer that im currently obsessed with!  i love a long blazer and the satin detailing is pretty much spot on, so I apologize ahead of time if you see this guy everyday for the next 6 months.  bangles and a bump to accessorize my look and for the piece de resistance, this beyond gorg Hayden Harnett "margaux" tote!!!!  i mean, i have been staring at this baby since the moment she arrived at my door.  the winged sides, the cross body, the SNAKE!!  i can't even, this bag has stolen my heart!!  while i get high on the fresh leather fumes, y'all enjoy your day!!
"positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative, more happiness"

tee Old Navy // tuxedo coat Vintage via Cavortress // skinnies Lilly Pulitzer // heels ShoeMint // watch Michael Kors // chain link c/o Towne & Reese // polka dot bangle Kate Spade //