we made it to hump day friends!!!  i am so in love with today's look i can't stand it and i only wish i hadn't already worn it in front of everyone i know, because i really want to wear it again and again!!!  ok, i actually have already worn it twice tho, but with a longer leather skirt, because church appropriateness was in order.  i am hard core crushing on this hot pink sweater!!  and obvi, im a touch obsessed with my booties.  i really have to find reasons NOT to wear them at this point.  sad news, this skirt is not available, YET, but it will be soon so i'll definitely keep you posted, until then, i linked a super cute alternate below.  hope you guys are having a great week!!!!  i'm off to nix's flag football game and then church!  literally, living the ultimate mom life over here ;) love y'all for popping by!


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