wow, ok yea, so it's been a minute . . . and not the new york kind.  how mom's work full time jobs i'll never know.  i can barely manage to get the kids to school on time, much less tidy the house, cook a meal, type a blog post . . . i'm exhausted honestly.  kuddos to all you moms out there crushing it!!!!  i bow to you from the back seat of my struggle bus.  shockingly i managed to pull myself together enough to not only have the hubs take legit photos, but also edit them and post them on this little site i call my blog.  just a few notes about today's look; these jeans are bomb and you've seen them quite a bit at this point cuz the wash is perfection and the hem hits just right for booties!!  and speaking of booties, one look at ig and it's safe to say i've already got my moneys worth out of these bad boys.  who knew white would be so perfect for fall??  and lastly, this blazer!!  i mean, i just love a blazer, but also, i love moto style anything and then you throw in the tweediness and its like the most chic rocker mashup.  so thank you guys so much for embracing my messiness!!!!  and as an extra thank you, i scored y'all an extra special discount on this blazer!!!  well any Charlotte London blazer actually!!  and if you're anything like me, you love a good blazer and even more, A DISCOUNT!!  scroll to the bottom for more.  hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


CHARLOTTE LONDON biker box blazer (use code: MissTaraBelle10 for 10%off)

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