Orange you glad it's almost Friday??  Ok sorry that was super cheesy, but I mean, how else do you expect me to start a post about the orangest dress I've ever owned?  and this one is pretty much the perfect shade of blood orange.  Speaking of, OJ has really tainted the reputation of oranges, don't you think?  It's quite possibly the most delicious juice, without the pulp of course.  And it's super healthy assuming it's fresh squeezed.  I'm not a big fan of all that concentrate.  Anyways, back to the dress...the color is perfection and my mom would be so proud (she loves orange) but I just love the little tie in the front!  It just takes it from a basic sheeth to something so much more.  Shocker, I had to grab my jean jacket.  As if I didn't already have enough, I've somehow managed to accumulate 4 more and a vest and it's barely June.  also on heavy repeat are these AMAZING sandals!!  They are like butter on the feet and so perfect for basically everything you could ever wanna wear.  And again, my mother approves... so much so, she tried to steal them off my feet.  Luckily they're not her size or we might've had to fight over them.


GREYLIN elyse tie front dress c/o
BECKI COAKLEY angie heel c/o

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