back in my basics today with some of my favorite brands!!!  colors and prints tend to cause me to go into over analyzing mode and i fret over every single detail of an outfit until i get it perfect.  i usually love the outcome, but i don't always have the time for the stress.  so on the average day, i stick to neutral tones and classic fits.  everyone has they're own set of rules and what works for them.  you might be a bootcut and tight tank kinda girl, i am a ripped up skinnies and boyfriend tee kinda chick.  clean cut denim gives me anxiety.  i definitely think that every closet deserves a pair, but mine usually find themselves at the bottom of the pile, better reserved for a fancier day.  the same goes for tight tees.  i own a few, but most of them still have tags on them.  i like the "i really don't care" vibe that rips and baggy tees give off.  sneakers or easy slides would obviously carry through the entire look (and would be perfect for a day with the kids), but i like to mix my relaxed with my polished, so i grabbed a big luxe tote and these pretty new heels to complete the outfit.  BSS (blue suede shoes) they're the new LBD. :)


EVERLY RINGS custom stack c/o
ASH HOFFMAN cuff earrings and ring set c/o
MYLK BAR starry sky manicure c/o