happy friday friends!!  i'm back on coffee and i honestly don't remember why i ever thought it was a good idea to get off.  it tastes amazing, it smells delicious, and it makes me so very very happy.  so as i sip my second cup for the day, i am multi-tasking and sharing this fun little jumpsuit
. . that i just so happened to wear for a coffee date with my munchkins!!  clearly i'm having a moment with stripes and i don't really know how to justify it other than it's (almost) summer and i have an affection for the nautical.  i have to say, this is by far my favorite item i've ever owned from Banana Republic.  it's a little retro, a little chic, maybe even a little parisian (which i love) and totally perfect for the impending summer.  something about navy just puts me in all the moods.  it's like black's softer sweeter little sis.  or maybe it's the older sis, because i'm the little sis, and no one has ever accused me of being sweet.  my sister on the other hand . . . . well actually, now that i think about it, she's not all that sweet either, but she's probably closer than me.  ok whatever, idk what navy is, but it's definitely not black.  so, to play on the nautical/parisian summer vibes, i went with my trusty boater and a great pair of slides, with a tiny pop of orange just because.  i'll probably need to rewear this for 4th of july weekend.  it seems appropriate, don't you think??  patriotic without really trying?  my thoughts exactly.  have a great weekend friends!!  stay caffeinated!



BANANA REPUBLIC wide leg jumpsuit c/o

special thanks to Banana Republic for partnering with me on this post.

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