what's up babes, how was your day??  did any of you shop the #Nsale and score some goodies??  does anyone want to explain to me why everyone can't shut up about this anniversary sale??  i feel like i'm the only person on the planet who could literally care less.  maybe that's just me.  ok, whatever, let's move on.  if you follow me on snap, you may remember the Jewels of Mumbai trunk show at Celadon.  or actually, you probably remember the day before when my kids went nuts and ran all over the store and then we got stuck in 2 and half hour traffic and i did a little Q&A which was maybe somewhat informative.  if you are reading this thinking "what the heck is she talking about" well, you should just probably start following me on snapchat cuz it's where all the real life bs goes down.  (username: misstarabelle)
 so, the night of was pretty awesome!!  it was moroccan themed and there was incredible indian food, none of which i could tell you anything about other than it tasted amazing!!  and of course, all the baubles a girl could want!!  every piece is hand-beaded by twin sisters Priya and Priyanka and one is more beautiful then the next.  Most of the collection is gold with onyx stonework, but i chose something a little different and more neutral to go with my vibe of late.  although, i have been wearing alot of black lately, but still, the ivory tassels were just too good to pass up!  and my look that night was all white and nude so they popped off perfectly!  i'm gonna get back to this look in a second, but first, has anyone ever been to Celadon??  let me just tell you, #goals is the understatement of the century.  it was basically a pinterest lovers dream world.  all the furnishing and chandeliers and massive mirrors i'm forever ogling were all there.  my sister-in-law has been telling me to stop in for years, but obviously, i didn't do a very good job of listening to her, but now you should listen to me when i tell you, GO!!!  i wanted everything!  the ghost chairs, the art deco chandelier, the moroccan poufs, all of it!!  oh guys, its so good, you have no idea!!  so yea. i fell in love, i tried to move in, and then they kicked me out because i was loitering past business hours.  but i'll be back, don't you worry!!

ok, so for today's look, the main focus is obviously the jewels!  i wore this outfit to church and it was just one of those looks that totally fell in to place without having to try.  i had just worn all 3 items so they were fresh from the iron pile, ready to be put away when i realized they all went so well together!  and my heels were on the floor from the night before, plus they have the tiniest hint of turquoise in them that perfectly matches the jewels, so there you have it!  an outfit on the fly and i didn't even have to think about it!!  my new motto in shopping is: go for the neutrals.  i used to be all about print and color, but now, i find if i just stick to a few select tones, my entire closet can be mix or matched over and over again and it's definitely made outfit planning so much easier!!  and yes!  i'm totally guilty, i plan my outfits ahead of time!  it's not normal, but it works for me.  

Jewels of Mumbai tassel earrings and bracelet c/o Celadon