look at the stars, look how they shine for you . . . . . am i the only one that can't stop singing that song at the sight of something yellow??  so good, right?  ok, so, for a girl who's never really worn much yellow in her lifetime, i think it has officially become my new favorite color.  what is this, the third bright yellow outfit i've worn in the last couple weeks??  and, i've already started stocking up on mustard items for the fall, so i think its safe to say you're going to be seeing a lot more yellow.  what do you guys think the hot colors are gonna be this year??
 i heard purple is making a comeback and obviously blush is having a major moment, but i'm not sure if either will actually be the "it" color this year.  remember when marsala was all the rage??  i jumped all over that bandwagon.  speaking of bandwagons, boho is one that i have happily jumped on and never really plan on getting off.  i don't really feel like it's going anywhere and as long as i live in the middle of nowhere, it's totally acceptable to add boots and floppy hats and fringe to everything!!  today's dress comes from The Mint Julep  and it is so bright and so yellow, which i love, but also, prints are something i always feel the need to break up, so, what better way than with a denim jacket.  i think every outfit should include denim in some form or fashion.  it's the most timeless fabric and it instantly relaxes the entire look while also pulling it all together.  i am kind of particular about my washes, so for this yellow, i went with a lighter, slightly distressed jacket, but for that more mustardish yellow, i would go a little darker on the denim.  i was originally thinking sneakers, but i just wore a yellow dress with sneakers, so i went booties instead, and because i'm trying to embrace new ways to wear the bandana, i decided to tie it around my shoe.  i mean, why not?  enjoy the rest of your weekend babes!!!