cold shoulder

hello!!!  ok, sorry, i totally took that long weekend a bit to seriously and had myself a lil blogging vacay, but i'm back and not only is today's look super cute (and affordable) but i've also teamed up with a super team of bloggers for my best giveaway yet!!  oh, and, i'm doing a little takeover on instagram, so you should totally check that out as well!!  nothing like jam packing all the good stuff in to one day, right??  let's begin with the task (err outfit) at hand!!  last week, or was that 2 weeks ago??  anyways, i had the best time hosting Apricot Lane's summer kickoff party at their newly opened Mount Pleasant location!!!  i told y'all it was gonna be fun, and it totally didn't disappoint.  i ate sushi, i got my brows dusted, and i spent most of my "hosting duties" shopping the store because there was too much cuteness, i couldn't help myself.  i've already posted a few of my goodies on insta: i mean, how presh is this lace tank??  i had such a hard time narrowing down what to buy and what to actually wear the night of, but i decided on this floral top because, it's honestly something i never actually saw myself wearing, and then i fell in love.  every girl has her body issues, right?  well, i have plenty, but my main concern is always my arms.  they're pretty toned up and borderline manish thanks to 5 years of toting chucky babes and i'm always very cautious of them when shopping for tops and especially the way i pose for photos.  i know, it's dumb, they're fine, but im vein, what can i tell you?  so, the cut-out trend has never really been my fave and tends to just accentuate the largeness of my biceps, but in this case, i think it did just the opposite!!  this top offers a larger shoulder opening that hits me just right and even though i'm not usually a floral girl, the blue and purple seems less feminine than your average flower.  so needless to say, against my usual instincts, i found something totally different and i really kinda dig it!!  next up, and also probably not the style i typically gravitate towards is this eyelet skirt.  i do love eyelet, and i've owned the occasional dress or top, but never in skirt form and definitely never in this flouncy fit.  i'm more of a a-line mini/body-con midi kinda girl, but the white sold me and then i tried it on with the top and it was the perfect little pairing!!  truly i say all this just to say, it's refreshing to switch it up and go against the grain.  if i never ventured outside of my comfort zone i'd be wearing leather pants and band tees everyday all day.  i still totally do wear that most days, especially when it's not 100 degrees outside and leather is actually bearable, but trying something new is way more fun!!  and i always bring my trusty signatures just to make sure i'm comfortable and able to make the look my own.  enter in this denim jacket and bandana.  i feel like i could literally make just about anything work with these two by my side!!  in fact, i just realized i styled them both with my first AL look 2 weeks ago (whoopsie).  what do they say, #sorrynotsorry?!!  

scroll to the bottom for that amazing giveaway i was talking about and let me know in the comments what you want to see next!!  should i start doing more hair and makeup posts??  do you want to see more of the kids??  should we start a new series??  im open to your ideas!!  thanks for stopping by!!


Apricot Lane floral cut-out shoulder top c/o
Apricot Lane white eyelet skirt c/o
Apricot Lane pink sunnies c/o
Apricot Lane fender necklace c/o
Apricot Lane turquoise studs c/o

head to Apricot Lane's Instagram of Facebook to view more or call to order!  843-971-1800

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