oh boy, where do i even start with this.  it was something out of a dream, even as i'm looking back over these images it still doesn't feel real.  i mean, when Baker Motor Company says they're gonna hook you up with a Merc for the weekend, what did you think i would say, no??  of course not, i jumped on that offer in a skinny minute and hit the highway before they realized what they had gotten themselves into!!  seeing as i'm not used to such luxury, i ran in to a few hiccups along the way.  like that time i couldn't get the car to shut off and resorted to screaming at it as if it was some sort of robot "car, turn off" , "merc, shut down" , "abort, abort, abort"  none of those works btws.  eventually i flagged down a friendly fella (they know cars, right?) and got him to help me figure it out.  embarrassing, yea, just a bit!  so, to say the ride was a hefty leap up from my current piece would be an understatement.  mercedes gives you everything it promises and more.  the specs are great, but until you really drive it, you don't realize how convenient some of these niceties truly are.  my faves are as follows; keyless everything.  keyless entry, keyless start, keyless keychain! it's just a pretty little faub with that ever noticeable logo, and i gotta tell ya, i kinda wanted to just carry it around and flash it off to all my friends, like yeah, nbd, i drive a benz.  don't believe me?  check out my keyless keyring, its pretty fancy ;)  next up, hands free!  aside from driving itself, this car basically did everything, but my favorite was the hands free bluetooth and voice command.  phoenix thought it was the coolest thing and kept telling the "robot" what to do.  even texts!!  which is maybe not great when you have kids in the car and your inappropriate gfs are sending you some choice phrasing, but that only happened once!  i quickly learned you could just shout ignore and save yourself from explaining what a heffah is to a 4 year old.  lastly, and maybe it's just because i'm a terrible driver (sorry Baker) the back up assist and off road assist and all the other assists that helped me stay in my lane, those were super helpful!!  some other faves would be the cup holder that keeps your hot hot and your cold cold, say what??  yea, that was like pretty awesome for a starbucks lover like myself.  and that new car smell, loved that!!  and, the interior under-lighting, and the flip over seats, and the fancy liftgate, and yea, just about everything.  why did i have to give this car back??  boo, ok, i'm gonna go pretend i'm back on king street loading this trunk up with goodies.  i hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!!  

Mercedes Benz GLE450 c/o Baker Motor Company


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