cozy kitties

oh monday, how i tolerate you so.  well, today is looking a little brighter and so very comfortable thanks to these uber chic kitten heels!  full disclosure: i'm a "nothing under 4 inches unless they're sneakers" kinda gal, but these cute little kitties have won me over.  and best yet, i don't even have to suffer for the sake of fashion!  not today anyways.  Ukies is all about comfort without having to sacrifice style and i think they might have just hit the mark.  honestly, i've surprised myself with how often i've worn these guys.  even running around with the kids, i'm totally good to go for the whole day.  head to their site for full deets on their patented nanoGel technology, 1 year warranty (say what?) and all the chic styles they have to offer!!  i'm really kindof obsessing over the Audrey in the orange nappa.  such a great pop coming in to spring!!

on a side note, did you happen to notice anything new??  your eyes have not deceived you, my site is slowly transitioning over to  for some of you, i'm sure you're like, wait, wasn't that already your blog name?  exactly my point!  i have made the decision to switch over since most people know me as this anyway, so please bear with me as the changes slowly start to come.  nothing too drastic, mostly just the url, so go ahead and update your browser favorites, because its about to be CFW and you know y'all don't wanna miss a second of my coverage!!  have a great evening belles!  thanks for stopping by!!

Tara Belle

Ukies black suede "isabella" kitten heel c/o
Sisco + Berluti shades of grey stack c/o


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