the copa cabana

pool side
with my summer in full swing, i'm currently obsessing over everything pool friendly.  from sunnies to stereos, I literally want it all!  and since I have a serious shopping addiction, i'm always on the hunt for a deal or a coupon code and I've finally discovered the mother ship; Shop at Home!  basically a sale shoppers dream, SAH offers all the best coupon codes and even offers cash back for everything I was already shopping for.  we unfortunately do not have Nordstrom in Charleston, but it's not as if i'd lug all these rugrats in there if I did, so I resort to online shopping, and at 5% cash back, I feel a little less guilty for the splurge.  and since summer is on my mind, I've picked out my favorite things to pack up for the pool.  starting with the suit, this momma likes a little coverage and a lot of style!  i'm all about a good bikini, but with kids constantly climbing all over me, a 1 piece is pretty much a must.  I love the print on print of this trina turk suit and the neckline shows off just the right amount of skin without all those crazy cutouts (seriously, who looks good in those?)  sunnies are a given, poolside or not, and I love pretty much everything illesteva has been pumping out.  this 2 tone Lucite/tortoise pair are so perfect and need to find their new home on my face ASAP.  the hat is also a great summer staple and the panama style was basically made for lounging.  I especially love the light band on this style and I think it needs to join the sunnies in making a home on my head, or at least the hat wall in my closet so I can stare at it all day  the turkish towel is one of those items that just looks really good on your lounge chair and I honestly don't have a clue if it would even dry me off, but they're just so pretty that I don't think I really care one way or the other.  this flamingo pool float?  im in love!!  but, im also in love with the donut and the slice of pizza float, have you seen those??  i want them all!!!  this retro radio is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.  i wanted to have it in time for our vacay, but i didn't order it in time.  you just pop your phone inside and it plays your songlist while protecting your phone from the water and sun, plus its beyond adorable, which seems to be my only shopping criteria of the moment.  the last 2 items can make or break your pool day.  this eyelet cover-up is perfect for getting you from the lobby to water-side, but it can also take you to lunch, shopping, or wherever else you might wind up.  and the tassel necklace is a great add on to complete your outfit.  and lastly, and most importantly, is the straw tote!!  there's no makin it to the pool without something to carry all your goodies in so why not have an adorable chic tote to make your treck to the pool that much more fashionable?  i have been loving all these Marysol bags popping up on my instafeed.  they're durable, roomy, and bright enough to make any pool day a success!! 
 "happiness is a day at the pool"