So u wanna be a rockstar?

Who doesn't?
With their devil may care attitude, sleeves of tats, and life long cool card?
they have this grungy way of mixing leather and dirty old tees and big hair and heavy makeup and looking totally awesome, like all the time!
think joan jett circa the lates 70's early 80's
these days i rock out hard to the classics like "mary had a lil lamb" and "pop goes the weasel" while tossin back the juice (apple that is, in a sippy cup)
so while i'll never have a crowd of people, lighters up, bangin' heads to my 80's hit
i've got 2 of the radest kids on the block who think i'm too cool for school and that's just fine by me
"self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it"
tara belle
"the doors" tee Forever 21, faux leather jacket Forever 21, 10 year stilt Adriano Goldschmied, leopard fringe wedges Betsey Johnson