brick walls + watercolors

i am slightly obsessed with this look
or really any look that allows me the opportunity to wear these pumps!!
the combo of red and pink is just so eye catching, i cant get enough of them
in my previous life (pre-babies) i could get away with wearing beautiful silk blouses (literally everyday) and not have to worry about spit up or slobber or whatever other stickiness these boys might find
now-a-days i usually pick up washer friendly styles (ie: cotton!)
but, my wonderful mother-in-law gave me the day off and and a chance to revisit the "sXc" section of my closet, that is all too frequently neglected
if you're a stay-at-home mom, you will totally relate with me on this!!
i got myself all fancied up for an afternoon downtown, ALONE!!!!!
i can't tell you the last time i did that, probably never
and as delightful and QUIET as it was, I was more than eager to get home to my beautiful boys
"the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"
Tara Belle
 blouse Julie Haus (old) love this and this, faux leather jacket Nordstrom identical here, jeans J Brand, adrienne pumps Shoemint, leather envelope Baekgaard, necklaces Dogeared, watch Michael Kors, bangles Alex and Ani