happy friday love muffins!!  i hope you all had an amazing week and i know y'all have got to be ready for this extra long weekend!!  i feel like i've been in a funk since mexico and my dry whit has escaped me, so i apologize if i'm not exactly spry.  i signed up for another juice cleanse so hopefully that'll get my brain (and my butt) back in gear.  just don't bother talking to me tuesday thru thursday because starvation is not a cute look on me.  i'm ravenous and irritated and everyone's food photos on ig stories have me in a full blown rage and i haven't even started yet, so i'm thinking this is going to be a breeze......don't psych me out, i'm totally committed! 

ok, so since i actually took the time to blog today, let's get to what's up, shall we?  y'all should know by now i love me some Clarins.  their skincare products are bomb and i legit use a pretty fair share of them on the daily.  the newest to my arsenal is this double serum.  and before you say anything, obvi i don't apply serum over my makeup while sitting on the curb of a back alley, but it's been painfully overcast lately and my bathroom has been lacking the natural light, so whatevs, were makin do.  what i do do, is apply this serum every morning after i wash my face and before i apply my lotion.  i started using it just before my trip south of the border and i'm pretty addicted.  mostly because it smells good, but also, because it's super effective on all my forehead wrinkles.  unfortunately age and stress have not agreed with my skin and botox is a little pricey to be poppin by for injections all the time, so i have been relying on this guy to reverse some of the damage that's already been done and i have got to say, i am pleasantly surprised by the results.  and trust me i have tried just about everything!  from gels to pastes to endless serums.  most of them just feel sticky or don't work or worse, ball up when you apply your makeup (can you say gross?) this one actually goes on clear and soaks into my skin within seconds so i can apply my lotion immediately after.  so it's good.  and i'm actually almost out, so if anyone wants to send me another bottle i would not oppose. . . . . . and while you're at it, go ahead and snag a bottle for yourself and let me know if you love it as much as i do!!!! 

now get out and enjoy this weekend and wear some white for me!!!!

CLARINS double serum c/o

special thanks to clarins for partnering with me on this post.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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