happy weekend friends!!!  we have a jam-packed schedule (what with easter and all) but wouldn't it just be amazing if i could hang in my pj's and watch bravo on repeat until monday??  basically my dream plans.  ok, clearly that won't be happening . . . and also not happening; perhaps ever again; is a full night's sleep.  this is probably the one tidbit that no one prepared me for when it comes to children, so FYI, you will never get 8 hours, ever! and not only will you not get sufficient rest, but you will most likely not get the bed to yourself ever again either.  come morning, all 3 have managed to weasel their way in there with me, and i have at least one foot in my back and someones butt on my face.  i literally wake up every morning and think, a nap would be so amazing right now.  lucky for me, i have a healthy addiction to caffeine and sugar to keep me going, but with all this lack of sleep happening, my face can sometimes look a little less than awake.  and my eyes are already  squinty, so there's not much room to look any more exhausted than my natural expression already implies.  which is why i am so excited, i don't have to anymore!!  Clarins has got my back, yet again, and hooked my lids up with some seriously necessary life!!  never have i been an eye cream girl.  i can't even remember to put on face lotion half the time, much less add an extra step, but this little guy fits in my bag and the metal tip thing feels so cold and refreshing, i'm tempted to rub it on all day long.  and it's adorably pink, so obvi i'm not at all mad about the packaging.  so now my morning routine includes coffee . . . . with a side of cream (and a little tea ;)
have a wonderful weekend friends!!!

CLARINS multi-active eye cream 

special thanks to Clarins for partnering with me on this post.