it only took me a month, but i am FINALLY breaking down my looks from Charleston Fashion Week!  idk what it is about that week, but it takes me forever to recover.  i think i quite literally changed 3 plus times a day, so we have a lot of looks to work our way through, but first up is one of my absolute favorites from the week!!!  if i could live in everything Taxidermy i totally would.  i mean, who would've ever imagined a purple python moto jacket??  i seriously struggled when it came to styling this jacket because everything in my closet paled in comparison to how cool this thing is.  so in the end, i went with what i know, mom jeans and lots of black.  also, it must be noted that even though i was half naked, this is probably the most comfortable outfit i wore all week.  something about baggy jeans that just put me at ease.

TAXIDERMY custom python moto jacket
TAXIDERMY hand painted cobra clutch

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