travel diary: the beach club

3 cheers for friday guys!!  actually, i'm totally booked to work all weekend, but such is the life of a blogger.  tuesday is my saturday.  except for next tuesday, because its fashion week, so whatever, i'll rest when i'm dead.  but on the note of weekends and resting and just enjoying life in general, i am so thrilled to (finally) be sharing our staycay at The Beach Club!!  apologies in advance, but this is easily going to be a 3 parter, and most definitely the most photos i've ever shared per post.  we had a full crew along for the ride, so there were videographers, photographers, influencers, friends of influencers, a famous hedgehog . . . . . it was a crazy couple a days for sure, but we somehow managed to steal away a few moments with just the fam, and i wanted to start by sharing some of our memories!!  
first off, my kids think anytime we stay at a hotel that it's our new home and they want to invite over all of their friends and jump on the beds and stay up late and it's actually the cutest thing ever.  the world through kids eyes is always so much more exciting.  The Beach Club was amazingly sweet and hooked us up with some pretty sick digs.  the boys had their very own room, complete with plush sea turtles and s'mores and crayons and coloring books and i'm pretty sure they would've been perfectly content to never leave, so we let them revel for the night and kicked off the next morning bright and early.  the boys and i had stayed at their sister hotel, Harborside at The Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina last spring with my sister, so i knew about this cute little private beach that the boys had enjoyed so much, so we decided to start the day in the sand and play til lunch.  pics of lunch are sure to come . . . actually, pics of all our meals because we never left the premises the food was sooooo amazing!!!  and the desert list, OMG, more about that in a sec. 
so, on with our day . . . we ate, we napped, we played in the pool, we ate again, we stayed up late, we woke up early, we packed our day with more and more and more fun stuff!!  
lucky for us, it was actually pretty nice weather the first day, so we took full advantage.  and extra perk, that pool is heated so even if it wasn't hot outside, we were still totally getting in.  except for Jeremy, he's a bum.  i think he ate too many fish tacos.
day 2 was a little less bueno on the weather front, but we still made the best of it and headed over to the USS Yorktown.  of course, the sky opened up the second we hit the flight deck, so that put a little damper on any chance of getting a great shot with the fighter jets, so we may not have photos, but the puddles made for some good memories.  i think we spent the rest of the day trying everything else on the room service menu and renting movies off the tv.
our last day was full of more showers, so we had to cancel the boat taxi ride and carriage tour downtown, so instead, we decided getting wet was the way to go and we saddled up for some bike rides along the marina.  well, jeremy rode the bike, i mostly just fell over and tried my very best to remember what it was like to be 10 when i actually had the balance and stamina to ride a bike.  i blame it on my duck feet and low intensity lifestyle.  so to celebrate my epic fail, i savored the remaining hour in my cozy robe and big bed with the biggest bestest slice of FLOURLESS (who knew that was a thing) chocolate cake.  actually, this is how i ended every night at The Beach Club.  sometimes twice a day.  i know flourless doesn't necessarily mean fat free, but i refuse to believe otherwise and it was so worth every bite!

special thanks to The Beach Club at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina for this amazing experience!!