bleach blonde + giveaway

hello chicas!!  who else is so excited for friday??  i am letting my hair down (quite literally) for tonight's post to chat a lil bit about these tresses o' mine.  so, clearly i live by the motto "the blonder the better" but also, i am uber cheap and insanely impatient, which has led me to the aisles of target time and time again to grab myself a box of 6 dollar dye.  it never fails me and i always achieve the ultimate ash blonde in just under 30 minutes.  where i do struggle is maintaining the blonde in between, but i have finally found the perfect solution, and guess what . . . . . you can also find it at target!!  idk about y'all, but as a busy mom, if i can't find it at target, i really don't have time to look for it.  i actually just shop my monthly must haves from my phone because that free shipping with the red card is just way to easy.  and not having to deal with a cart full of screaming kids is a major upside.  ok, so, for my secret weapon, allow me to introduce you to Dessange!!  it is salon care without the cost, or the long wait and the endless time in the chair.  the shampoo and conditioner have been keeping my blonde extra bright and shiny, but my favorite is the lightening treatment for that in between coloring "root realness".  i like to apply it to dry hair before bed and because i feel like my blonde tends to dull after a few weeks, i've been spraying in the sun spray when i get out of the shower and the blow dryer activates it and adds a super pretty shine making my box color last that much longer!!!  can't say that i'm mad about that.  and in the spirit of holiday giving, you guys have a chance to win the entire collection from Dessange as well!!  simply head to my instagram and find the last post featuring dessange.  like, comment, share, tell you friends, tell your mother, get that product girl!!!  have the best weekend!!!

DESSANGE PARIS solar blonde collection c/o (available at Target)