Annnnd just like that we're only 10 days away from Christmas.  Ummmm, good thing I haven't started shopping yet. :/. No rush, I tend to be good in the clutch.  I have, of course, done plenty of shopping for myself.  I mean, it is the holidays after all and a girl needs options.  Sparkle skirt for this party, chunky sweater for the ornament exchange, somethin snazzy for New Years, yea, I've checked all of those items off my list.  And I actually checked them all off at SHOP which seems appropriate since that is where I'm shopping in today's post!!  
Maybe y'all caught my snaps from a few weeks ago so this place should look pretty familiar, and if you didn't, those lace up leather pants that I can't quit wearing and the chunky lace up sweater that y'all went gaga for on insta??, yea, those are from SHOP. too.  It's the newest 'tique to hit Charleston and lemme tell you, it's a good one!!!  all the best LA brands, an awesome private label collection and the coolest  little mascot that you have ever seen.  So clearly I enjoyed myself and I definitely splurged a bit, but the best part is that all my gfs were there sippin and shopping right there with me.  And I don't know about you, but I love a second and third and forth opinion when I'm trying on.  And nobody quite knows how to give it to you straight like this group of gals.  So yea, being a blogger means I get to host these kinds of events all the time, blah blah blah, it's fun and obvi I love getting to meet you guys!!  but at SHOP anyone can host a party!  Just invite your girls and they do all the rest!  And, everyone gets 20% off 1 item which is a pretty awesome incentive.  
The leather pants, clearly I'm loving, but also the sweater selection is pretty legit!  I fell in love with this tunic style and love that you bare a little skin but definitely don't have to skimp on the snack plate because there's plenty of room to breath.  And of course, I'm totally in to the turtleneck bob, so I'll take any excuse to rock that style.  

Head to SHOP's Instagram to shop their feed and book your own shopping party!!  if anything else, Eloise makes for the perfect photo opp!!  


outfit c/o SHOP.