happy saturday friends!!!  i know i know, weekend posts are not really my thing, but this week has been a bit of a mess with the kids being home and i forgot how hard it was to concentrate on a single thought with 3 munchkins screaming at me and demanding attention all day.  it's honestly exhausting.  to all the teachers out there, God Bless you!!!  i don't think i could do it.  but i sincerely appreciate that you do, because i have really started to enjoy that few hours of silence and sanity!  they're currently high on the drug that is disney channel, giving just enough time to shower and shave and finish this post!  

today is "fashion week" inspired look number 2 with METISU!!  sporty chic is a HUGE trend this year and i am in love with these three quarter baseball sleeves.  i immediately though of Michael Kors when i saw this dress so i kept that in mind with the styling and accessories.  he's always classic americana with a twist and lots of gold (my fave)!!  this belt is a vintage gem and kept in line with the color-blocking and this star studded tote just seems so very patriotic, don't you think??  classic stilettos looked fine, but i'm never one to go for the safe choice, so i laced up these strappy cobalt sandals for a little pop of fun.  i kinda feel like i should be on my way to some sort of political function, but i was actually just hopping puddles downtown with my dad.  he's such the perfect gentleman, holding my umbrella and carrying my coffee.  what a gem!!  (and clearly by the expression on his face, he was loving every second of it ;))  be sure to check back on monday for my final look and maybe a cameo or 2 more of my pops.  enjoy your weekend!!