i don't know if y'all know this about me, but olive might just be my favorite neutral ever.  i have a few items that i buy repeatedly (denim jackets, leather pants, band tees, anything with laces) and olive!!  or really, utilitarian, which can technically come in more shades than just olive, but there's just something about that green army inspired style that gets me every time.  this silk dress version has me feeling all kinds of fall vibes and the best part about a shirt dress is the fact that the options are endless!!  layer a leather jacket over top, throw a slip dress underneath, wear it as a top, a skirt, a jacket, seriously, shirt dresses might just be the most versatile article of clothing ever invented.  for the sake of keeping it simple, i left it be and wore it as intended so you could see all the awesome details.  i especially love the cinched hemline!!  i laced up my newest strappy black sandals (the block heel is muy bueno ;)) and threw on a hat for some "safari" vibez.  to complete the look, i grabbed this pretty awesome camo strap crossbody!!  im pretty obsessed with this whole guitar strap/camera bag thing that is happening in the world of handbags.  and if you're not, it came with a plain strap as well, but i don't really see myself ever not wanting to add a little camo to my life.  thanks for stopping by guys!!  have a good night!