the luxe chucks

i know, i know, i've been super lazy about posting lately.  well, more crazy than lazy, but that's probably every moms life.  lincoln is in the full throws of the terrible twos and maverick is about as big of an attention whore as his momma, so needless to say, between mothering/smothering/screaming at my 3 rugrats and trying (not so effectively) to keep an organized household.  the blog has been coming second fiddle.  i know i keep promising i will get the hang of this 3 kids mad house and blog on the reg, but it seems to be getting harder at the moment.  i have just gone on a bit of a fall shopping splurge/spree so i am determined to shoot next week and get you guys some fresh layered goodness.  today's look is pretty indicative of my daily uniform as of late.  sadly my heels aren't getting much play these days, but if a girls gotta wear sneakers, they really don't get much more fabulous than python high top chucks, am i right??  i have seriously been obsessing over these bad boys since the moment they arrived in the mail, i mean, how could i not?  do you know both beyonce and kylie jenner have a pair?  in my best r.zoe, you guys "i die" literally, dead, on the ground, died.  lol, ok, its not really that dramatic, but the creator of these guys is a pretty awesome chick, so i get a little excited by all the amazing press she's getting and it makes me feel pretty cool to be in the company of such epicness.  so, yes, i am actually wearing more than just sneakers, but i get a little distracted by their beauty.  i think i have officially bought every tee old navy has to offer at the moment, and this one is definitely one of my faves.  the tunic fit is great for tucking, knotting, or just letting it hang out and black/white stripes are always a winner in my book.  i'm still tying on my denim jacket every chance i can get, but my new favorite tie on is the bandana!  i can't get enough, it's a bit of an addiction.  i have this one in both red and navy, and i'm still on the hunt for black and white and maybe a gray.  it might be my favorite accessory trend of the season.  what have y'all been loving for fall??  
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"wear a smile, it never goes out of style"

Old Navy stripe tee
H&M cut off shorts
The Luxe Chucks python high-tops c/o
Elizabeth and James "mott" sunglasses c/o Ditto