hey, hello, how are ya?

Hello Fall!!  all the roads are closed and most of Charleston is closed for business, but its finally cool enough to wear layers without melting, soo, I'll take my victories where I can get em.  Especially since the heat will undoubtedly be back as soon as the water dries up.  My layers, however, aren't going anywhere.  I just wanna wear all the sweaters and all the blazers and all the leather and plaid I can find, what about y'all?  Ok, so its not quite sweater weather, but its definitely t-shirt and jeans weather.  But, I mean, isn't everyday?  If you happen to run in to me at the grocery store or carpool pick up line, you know, I love a good t-shirt and jeans combo, and graphics are my fave.  I paired this floral print with a great pair of skinnies and a bf blazer.  I love the pop of pink when u flip the cuff of this jacket!  And of course, it matched my tee and purse, oh so perfectly!  These red sandals were a fun addition for an extra pop of color and because, my general rule is, if leopard doesn't work, red will!!  I hope you all are staying safe and dry!!  Have a great week!
 "A simple hello could lead to a million things"

floral "hello" tee c/o
dl1961 "Florence" jean c/o
ms littles bag "dear diary" tote c/o
dolce vita "tyler" sandal
elizabeth and james blazer vintage