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surprise you guys!!  i couldn't conceal this bump too much longer, and I've been itching to let you in on our little secret . . . we're having another baby!!  and if you couldn't tell by the blue confetti,
it's a boy!

we are so beyond thrilled, and i tell you, this babe is such a blessing and welcomed happy news!!  we have known for quite some time, but with all that was going on with Lincoln, i wanted to wait until we had 2 boys to celebrate; Linc's recovery, and little M happily blossoming in my tummy.
i promise you i will still style the bump as fab as i possibly can, but bear with me please!!  i have never actually documented a pregnancy, and literally only have 1 or 2 photos with my older 2 boys.  to be perfectly frank, i don't find the pregnant figure all that attractive, especially my own!  perhaps its vanity, well, let's be honest, its totally vanity!!  but any woman who tells you other wise is totally lying.  on the plus side, after all the weight gain, and heart burn, i get the most beautiful gift of a baby boy, so the pain is most definitely worth the gain!! 
"to be given the gift of life is EXTRAORDINARY" 

dress Line & Dot via Monkee's Greenville // heels Charlotte Russe