one of life's hardest struggles . . . . perfecting the perfect winged eyeliner.  a pencil liner looks dull and requires too much pressure on the lid to actually get a steady line, but liquid liners tend to be runny and i always find myself wiping it off and starting all over at least 5 times before i get it right only to have it run all over my lids the first time i blink (so annoying).  but, after watching a zillion pinterest tutorials, i think i finally have it down to a science and the new Clarins 3 dot liner is helping me fill in the blanks!!  step 1 would be actually sitting somewhere other than my car cuz those backroad bumps don't exactly help the process.  step 2 is having a steady hand, so i suggest skipping that third latte ;) .  step 3 actually involves eyeliner, so here we go.  prep your eyes with a fresh palette.  i love a light gold shadow just to brighten my lids and let the liner really shine.  step 4 er 2, line those lashes!!  get as close to that lash line as possible and draw a line from the tear duct to the corner.  (this is the easy part)  step 4, thicken it up and angle it out.  this is where things get tricky.  personally i find it easiest to start at the outer corner of my eye and angle the line down towards the tear duct,  and seriously this pen/liner/dot thing you guys . . . BOMB!!  2 swipes and its a thick glossy gorgeous line!  how easy is that???  so much drama, so little time.  let me know what you guys think!??  everyone has an eyeliner nightmare or 2, i'd love to hear yours in the comments!!


CLARINS 3 dot liner c/o

special thanks to Clarins for partnering with me on this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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