oh latte how i love you so!!  and skinny jeans and graphic tees and any excuse to combine the 3.  i've reverted back to my comfort zone and it's all about this combo as of late.  the jeans are a little more relaxed and the tees are a little more classic, but essentially, it's the same outfit i've been wearing for the last 10 years.  i finally purged my closet and replaced all my super skinnies (with the exception of a few, just in case) for vintage fits and frayed hemlines.  obvi, like every other girl on the planet, levi's rule supreme rn and my old stomping grounds have all the goods!!  shop SXC (styleXchange for you locals) is officially open on king and this typically online only shopper cannot quit buying up everything!  yesterday i bought the most perfect baker boy hat and 3 pairs of cut-off shorts for mexico, and i have plans to return today because i spotted 2 more one-piece swimsuits that i can't stop thinking about!!  they are seriously feeding all my addictions.  all my locals, JUST GO, i promise you will not be disappointed!!  and if not, you can always shop their ig feed which is equally as tempting.  and fyi, this isn't even a sponsored post, i just happen to really love that store and i wanted to share!  hope you guys have a wonderful tuesday!!


SHOP SXC levis c/o

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