i only jog in leather

i realize it has been a minute since my last post and i apologize. 
why not get back in the swing of things with a fun and furry friday!!!
this little guy is Rambo, a 2 year old chihuahua who was just adopted by a loving family!!
if you are interested in adopting a pooch of your own, simply go to www.peanutsplace.org and check out all his buddies!!
i'm not exactly a stellar athlete, nor do i partake in athletic activities on a regular basis; but, i do find myself being pulled toward athletic inspired clothing.
the varsity jacket, the baseball tee, the wedge sneaker, the track short . . . . i've invested in at least one of each of these pieces, and while i might not go full on phys ed by pairing them all together, i do really like focusing on 1 or 2 for a look.
these particular track shorts are one of my favorite because they mix my love of leather with the sporty comfort of an elastic waist and large pockets
i did keep it fairly more athletic by wearing my wedge sneakers and short sleeve sweatshirt, but the leopard print and spikey jewels add a touch of glam and little man's leash gives me that needed pop of color!!
casual, comfortable, and mommy approved, i plan on living in this outfit for the duration of summer!!
"you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

leopard sweat tee GAP similar here // white leather track short styleXchange // kahsha wedge sneaks Target // xena necklace Jewelmint